Christian Family Adoptions Team

Christian Family Adoptions Staff

Christian Family Adoptions has a dedicated team, including numerous contract adoption workers that work in the field. Many members have experienced the joys of adoption themselves, thus giving them understanding and compassion as they take you by the hand and walk you through this exciting journey.

You will work with many of the members of our team here at CFA as you explore adoption options, choose a program, and complete the process of adopting your new baby or child. You will most likely become acquainted first with the office staff as they learn your needs and direct you to the best resources. We will help you identify the best program for your family and prepare to become an adoptive parent. As you proceed with your adoption, you’ll be guided through the application and paperwork process. At the appropriate time, an adoption worker will work with you to complete your home study. The remaining stages of your adoption will be expertly guided by your chosen program director and assistants who are knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of helping you and your waiting baby/child become united.

Our team is here to help you with every step of your exciting journey to adoption!

Gayle Fidanzo: Executive Director

Gayle Fidanzo
Executive Director

Becky Hartman: Social Services Supervisor

Becky Hartman
Social Services Supervisor

Taryn O'Flynn: Director of Development

Taryn O'Flynn
Director of Development

Julie Webb: Domestic Infant Program Manager

Julie Webb
Domestic Infant Program Manager

Kristen Eirvin: Birthparent Advocate

Kristen Eirvin
Birthparent Advocate

Melissa Miller: Administrative and Communications Specialist

Melissa Miller
Administrative and Communications Specialist