Home Study and Post Placement Services

Christian Family Adoptions (CFA) has been completing home studies and post placement reports for over 25 years. CFA is licensed in Oregon and Washington and is able to write home study reports for families living anywhere in both states. After placement, CFA provides supervision and post placement reports to courts and to other countries involved in adoption.  CFA is dedicated to provide quality professional services in an expedited manner.


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Home Study Timeline 

  • Family contacts CFA and fills out an inquiry form on our website.
  • A caseworker contacts them.
  • Families fill out application and a background check request form then returns documents to CFA along with an application fee.
  • The Program Director reviews the application for approval and assigns a caseworker to the family.
  • A home study packet will be sent to the family.
  • Family returns paperwork, completes required training, pays fees.
  • After CFA receives all of the requested documents, training certificates and fees, the family will be contacted to set up interviews and the required home visit to begin their home study.

Home Study Facts

  • A home study is a report required by the state and foreign governments for every domestic or international adoption to determine the eligibility of adoptive parents.
  • Home studies are valid for two years in Oregon and Washington. In some types of adoptions home studies may need to be updated after one year. Examples of these include interstate adoptions, International immigration updates and state foster care.
  • A home study can only be used for one adoption (sibling groups are considered one placement if done at the same time.)
  • Home studies are kept confidential and are only shared with professionals involved with the adoption and the family.
  • Each type of adoption has a slightly different home study process and requirements. It is important to choose the type of adoption you want to pursue before you obtain a home study to save time and money.
  • During the home study process a minimum of 10 training hours are required depending on the type of adoption.
  • CFA has extensive experience working with families from all over the United States and providing home studies for numerous countries including but not limited to: China, Ethiopia, Taiwan, Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Liberia and Colombia.
  • CFA is not an international child placing agency. We work with international child placing agencies all over the United States as an Exempt Provider. CFA is not required to be Hague accredited. As a domestic agency we provide home studies and post placement services under the supervision of a Hague accredited agency if applicable.
  • We do not have a waiting list of families to provide home study services. We employ a number of field social workers and are able to begin your study as soon as you turn in your paperwork and required fees without delay.

Post Placement Services

After placement, one or more further social worker visits/reports are required to ensure that all is going well. These are called post placement reports. They are filed with the court and may be sent to the country involved in an international adoption. Post placement requirements vary depending on the state or country of origin. Generally, one to four reports are required to be written. CFA has extensive experience in providing post placement supervision in both domestic and international adoptions.

Home Study and Post Placement Fee Schedule

Independent Adoptions (child born in the US)

  • Oregon Independent Adoptions (private adoptions): $1,800
  • Oregon Independent Court report: $800
    (Oregon court report fees paid directly to the State of Oregon and reimbursed to CFA by the state)
  • Washington Independent Adoptions:
    • Application fee: $300
    • Home study Fee: $1,800
    • Washington post placement fee: $350 per visit/report

The number of post placement visits/reports varies depending on the state or country of origin requirements

Infant Adoptions - Loving Options and National Infant Program

  • Application fee: $300
  • Home study: $1,800
  • Post placement fee: $350 per visit/report

International Adoptions

  • Application fee: $300
  • Home study fee: $1,800
  • Post placement fee: $350 per visit/report

State Foster to Adopt Program

  • Application fee: $300
  • Home study fee: $2,300
  • Committee process fee: $1,700
  • Travel expenses (home study & represent family at selection committee)
  • Contract renewal fee: $500 (if contract exceeds 2 years)

Home study updates/addendums
New to the area? Switching programs? Immigration approval expiring? CFA is able to provide home study updates and addendums as needed. The update/addendum price is dependent on the type of documentation, visits and writing required. Price to be determined on a case by case basis.

Travel Expenses
Caseworker’s mileage will billed to family at the current IRS standard rate per mile.
Trips over 150 miles round trip require a car rental and actual expenses in lieu of the IRS standard rate per mile.
Should an overnight stay be required or alternate travel arrangements (such as in the case that a short flight might be less expensive) the adopting family is responsible for paying the actual expenses for the travel, food and lodging.

This list does not cover all the possibilities. Call us at 503-232-1211 for more information and unique circumstances.