Loving Options Infant Program (OR/WA)

Loving Options Domestic Infant Program (OR/WA)We are thrilled that you are considering becoming a parent or expanding your family through adoption of a newborn. Whatever has led you to consider adoption, we want you to know that this is a wonderful time to adopt through CFA’s Loving Options program. Loving Options is our name for our domestic infant adoption program that focuses on families in Oregon and Washington. We match families with birthparents who have found themselves unexpectedly pregnant, and have made the difficult decision to place their baby in a loving adoptive home. This could be YOUR loving home!  Please read on and see if our program is right for you.

Several factors set our Loving Options program apart from other domestic infant programs:

  • LOW COST:  We strive to keep our costs low. Our main objective is to help children, help birthparents, and help adoptive families. We are a non-profit agency dedicated to the vision of building healthy, loving families. The total cost is approximately $22,450.
  • OPENNESS:  Because both our adoptive families and our birthparents are located in Oregon and Washington, generally, there is an ease in openness. CFA makes it possible for everyone to  meet beforehand and decide together what level of openness they desire after the baby is born. The adoptive family can often be an integral part of the hospital experience. However, the agency is always there to set the stage for healthy boundaries. Whatever arrangements are made, we strive to do what is best for the child. Open adoption arrangements are usually the best thing for everyone!
  • WAITING TIME: Waiting times vary from one to two plus years. Families who lead active lives and are open to a variety of adoption scenarios will generally wait less time.
  • YOU CHOOSE: When a birthmother makes an adoptive plan, we find out as much as we can about her and her unborn baby and then let you decide if you’d like to be considered. The more often you say YES, the shorter your wait time may be.
  • COURAGE: It takes courage to be a waiting family. Courage to wait and courage to face possible discouragement or disappointment. Our families are dedicated to bringing home the baby that was meant to be theirs, no matter what. We do our best at CFA to honor their commitment and walk alongside them every step of the way.

Steps to Adopting through the Loving Options Infant Program

    The first step is to fill out an inquiry form on our website. A caseworker will contact you to follow up with your request.
    You will then complete and submit your application. The following documents must be included: application fee, two family photos, copies of government issued photo ID and medical insurance cards.
    Upon approval of your application, you will be sent a letter of instruction, contracts for services, and information regarding the required CFA Domestic Infant Training Course. You will be asked to submit the home study packet documents consisting of: medical and financial forms, personal references, release of information form and a general autobiography. This information is needed by the social worker conducting your home study. Once the contracts, fees and all file requirements including required reading and homework have been received, a CFA social worker will be assigned to conduct interviews and write your adoption home study.
    Pre-adopt education provides important basic information about adoption-related issues and is required for all adopting families. You will be completing Domestic Infant Training Course, which you will receive by mail after receipt of your contract and fees.
    A CFA social worker will be assigned when all home study requirements are completed. Your social worker's role is to help you prepare for your adoption and complete the home study document. A home study for Loving Options will include the following: your racial and ethnic heritage, background information about yourselves, criminal history clearances, references, prenatal and medical background risks you are willing to accept in a child, your understanding of adoption grief and loss issues, and more. Your social worker will submit the completed home study to CFA. After your home study is approved, the Loving Options Program Director will work with you to begin having your profile shown to birthparent clients.
    After your application is received and you have completed the required Domestic Infant Training Course, you will be asked to design a family profile to be presented to birthparents. A sample profile and instructions are included with your Training Course. CFA requests 10 copies of your profile.
  • WAITING FAMILIES SEMINAR (Informational flyer)
    The Waiting Families Seminar is a required component of the program and is designed to provide additional support and education. Waiting Family Seminars are held on a Saturday in the spring and fall of each year. The meetings include guest speakers, panel presentations, and the opportunity to interact with birthparent advocates and other CFA staff.
    Birth parents select families based on criteria they consider important for the expected baby. After being selected, you will receive a medical/social history on the particular situation, giving you the choice to accept or decline the opportunity to match. In most cases, upon acceptance, a match meeting with the birthparent(s) will be facilitated by the birthparent advocates. After the meeting, all parties decide whether to move forward together.
    Particular placement arrangements will be discussed with the Program Director and with the birthmother's Loving Options advocate. In most cases, the adoptive family is invited by the birthmother to be a part of the hospital experience in some way. Usually two to four days after the birth of the child, he or she can be placed directly from the hospital into the adoptive home.
    Your social worker will make two in-home post placement visits and, in most cases, will recommend that you begin finalization proceedings. Once all financial and contractual obligations have been met, CFA will consent to the adoption. The necessary legal documents will be sent to the attorney of your choice, and you will complete finalization.

Loving Options Domestic Infant Program (OR/WA)LOVING OPTIONS FEES
CFA's heart for finding forever families for children is reflected in our efforts to keep our fees as low as possible. Fees herein are subject to change without notice; please contact CFA for current fees. Estimated fees for a Loving Options adoption total $22,450 plus social worker mileage. At contract, $7,950 is paid for the Application, Training Course, Seminar, Home Study, Post Placement supervision, and Program Development. Birth Parent Support and Placement Fees are paid at match and at placement, respectively. Speak with the Loving Options Director for more information regarding fees.

Loving Options Program Fee Schedule

(Fees below are subject to change without notice; please contact CFA for current fees.)

Application: $300

Domestic Infant Training Course and Seminar: $350

Adoption Home Study (plus mileage): $1,800

Post-placement reports (2) (plus mileage): $700

Program development fee: $4,800

Total due prior to home study: $7,950 plus mileage

Birth Parent Support Fee*: $5000
Due at time of referral acceptance (“match”)

Placement Fee$9,500
Due at time of placement

Contract renewal fee (if contract exceeds 2 years): $500

*$5000 is the minimum fee for birthparent support. Families are responsible for all
birthparent expenses that exceed this amount
. No refund of minimum deposit is available.

Please contact the CFA office for current and additional fee information. We are also happy to answer any other questions you may have about this program. Please email Julie Webb at julie@christianfamilyadoptions.org or by phone at 503-232-1211.