National Infant Program (formerly known as African American Infant Program)

Loving Options Infant Program (OR/WA)CFA’s National Infant Program is one of the best resources we have to offer to families longing to parent a newborn. Last year this exciting program placed babies of all races in the homes of overjoyed CFA families here in Washington and Oregon. The waiting time for placement in this program is about 12 to 18 months.

This is how it works:
CFA works with you to get your home study completed; trains you in all sorts of adoption-related areas, including transracial adoption, if applicable; and guides you in completing a family profile book. We then coordinate with a network of agencies across the country, primarily Florida, Texas, Utah, and Maine, who are working with birthmothers planning adoption. These agencies do their best to promote healthy pregnancies by offering prenatal care resources and counseling to birthmothers. When an agency begins working with a birthmother a medical history is obtained and, when possible, information from the birthfather is gathered, as well.

When a birthmother sees your family’s profile book and chooses you as the parents for her baby, you will receive a phone call from CFA. This is your chance to learn about the birthparents and decide for yourselves whether or not this is the right match for your family. If you decide to go forward, you can begin to make plans to travel to the state where the baby is born to pick up your newborn. The time you have to prepare depends on your baby’s due date. Many times you will be able to meet the birthparents. Families may stay up to two weeks in the state their baby is born in, waiting for the interstate compact clearance before traveling back home with their newest family member.

Our National Infant Program Director, Julie Webb, is available to answer any questions you have about this program. Please email Julie at or give her a call at 503-232-1211.


Steps to adopting through the National Infant Program

    The first step is to fill out an inquiry form on our website. A caseworker will contact you to follow up with your request. You will then be asked to submit the remaining application packet documents including: medical forms, criminal background checks, financial forms, personal references, release of information form and a general autobiography.
    You will then complete and send in an application along with the following:
    • The fee of $300 listed on the application
    • Two family photos (additional photos will be needed for your portfolio)
    • Government issued photo ID - such as copies of driver’s license or passport
    • Copy of medical insurance card
    Upon approval of your application, you will be sent contracts for services. You will then be asked to submit the remaining application packet documents including: medical forms, financial form, personal references, release of information form and a general autobiography. This information is needed by the social worker conducting your Home Study. Once the contracts, Christian Family Adoptions (CFA) fees and all file requirements including the Transracial/Transcultural Questionnaire have been received, a CFA social worker will be assigned to conduct interviews with you and write your adoption Home Study.
    Pre-adoption education is required for all adopting families. CFA offers the Domestic Infant Training Course, which can be completed at home as well as a one-day seminar for families.
    You will be assigned a CFA social worker who will be your advocate, helping you prepare for your adoption. The social worker will conduct your adoption home study that includes, but is not limited to issues such as; your racial and ethnic heritage, prenatal and medical background risks, your willingness to provide letters, pictures and or visits to the birth parents through the placing agency, your understanding of transracial parenting issues (if applicable) and your understanding of the grief and loss issues in adoption. The social worker will then submit your completed Home Study and a non-identifying summary to CFA. After your study has been approved, your file will officially be transferred to the Program Director who works with agencies across the country whose birthmothers are making an adoption plan.
    After your contracts are received and you have completed the Domestic Infant Training Course, you will be asked to design a family profile book that will be presented to birth mothers once your adoption home study is approved. Instructions for designing this profile and a sample are included with the Domestic Infant Training Course. The Program Director is available to help you if you have any questions.
  • WAITING FAMILIES SEMINARS (Informational flyer)
    The Waiting Families Seminar is designed to provide additional support and education. These seminars are held in the spring and fall of each year. Participants may choose from a variety of workshops, including transracial parenting and dealing with racism, understanding birth parent issues, grief and loss in adoptions, and openness with birth families. The seminar includes panel presentations and the opportunity to interact with experts in the field of infant adoption and other CFA staff. Attendance either prior to or immediately after placement is a requirement of the program. Click here for an information flyer.
    Family selection is usually made by the birth parents. Occasionally circumstances dictate that CFA and the placing agency select a family. When we are notified about a potential match we will contact your family and discuss details such as medical and social history, legal risks, placement and travel plans and fees. If at this point you don’t feel this is an appropriate match for you, we will wait for the next possibility.
    Parent(s) will travel to the state where the baby is born. Most adoptive placements are made two to ten days after the birth of the child. You may also have the opportunity to meet the birth parents at this time. Once a placement has been made and you have completed paperwork with the placing agency you will need to wait for interstate approval before returning home. This takes five days on average.
    Your social worker will make in-home post placement visits and, in most cases, will recommend that you begin finalization proceedings. We will coordinate with the placing agency to send the necessary legal documents to the attorney of your choice. You will initiate legal finalization after a post placement period of about 3-6 months.



African American Infant Program

(Fees below are subject to change without notice; please contact CFA for current fees.)

CFA Agency Fees:
(Due prior to home study)

  • Application: $300
  • Program Development Fee: $4,800
  • Domestic Infant Training Course and Seminar: $350
  • Adoption Home Study: $1,800
  • Post Placement: $700*
  • Total Due Prior to Referral: $7,950

(Due at time of match)

  • Coordination fee: $2,000**
  • Total Paid to CFA: $9,950
  • Contract renewal fee (if contract exceeds 2 years): $500

    *The $700 represents two post placement visits at $350 each. Some agencies we work with require as many as 5 visits; if this is the case you will be invoiced an additional $350 per visit.

    ** Charged according to a sliding scale based on income.

    Note: Caseworker’s mileage will billed to you at the current IRS standard rate per mile.

National Program Infant Placement Fees:

  • $15,000 – 40,000
    (These are not CFA fees and are paid directly to the placing agency.)

Travel to and from the placing state is an additional expense for families.


CFA realizes that the time spent waiting for a child is difficult and seemingly endless. It is our desire to not only help children find loving and caring homes but also to help our families as much as possible during this exciting, joyous and sometimes anxiety filled journey. The program director is available to help you with any questions you might have – feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you!