Adoption 101

  1. The first step in beginning the process of adopting a child is to complete an inquiry form which can be accessed on our website through the on-line link located on the home page, or by contacting us. This "pre-application" gets the process started by letting us know a little about you. Once you submit the inquiry form we strongly encourage you to enroll in Adoption Education Courses. These valuable classes will orient you to the unique challenges associated with adoption.
  2. Once CFA receives your inquiry form we will send you our application. We ask for some general information about the adoptive parents. Along with the application we will need to send in a criminal history release forms and fingerprints. This form will be sent to you after you have spoken with a caseworker and have received your application forms. To speed the process we ask that you sign and return the criminal records check form which permits us to obtain the required criminal history check from the state of your residence. Depending on the caseload at the state office, the criminal history check may take a longer than expected period of time to obtain. This is why we suggest starting this process as early as possible.
  3. After the program director reviews your application a home study packet will be sent to you. The packet will contain detailed forms requiring information pertaining to each family member, family finances, medical history, and reference forms.
  4. Another component of the home study packet requires you to write an autobiography. While we're not looking for a Pulitzer Prize winning volume, we do ask that you frequently refer to the list of questions that will help you address the information we are seeking. We suggest that you not write the entire autobiography in one sitting. Take time to have fun with it. Some of the questions are introspective, and you may learn something interesting about yourself or your past through this valuable component of the process. The adoption process may be a lot of work, but it's worth it. Our caseworkers are available to help you with the process in any way they can. If you have any questions please contact CFA. Over the years our caseworkers have helped families complete the lengthy paperwork trail, and they are more than willing to provide assistance for you too.
  5. Once the home study packet is submitted, your caseworker will contact you to schedule the first of four potential meetings at your home. During the home study visit your caseworker will personally evaluate your home environment. Don't worry, we won't be checking behind the refrigerator for dust-bunnies. We are merely attempting to get a feel for the type of environment in which the child will be placed. Each family member will be interviewed in order to obtain an accurate understanding of the family dynamics.
    After the interview process is finished your adoption caseworker will draft your home study. Then they will invite you to read it for corrections. The caseworker will then complete the home study and it will be ready for submission.
  6. If you are doing a State Adoption, please look at the State Adoption Program under the programs page.
  7. Though the adoption may complete, CFA likes to stay in touch with our families regarding counseling issues that may need to be addressed. We also love to hear your stories and have you share pictures with us. Please feel free to contact us at any time during and after the adoption process. Remember our goal is to make every CFA adoption a success. Please check out our resources page for information to help you with your adoption journey.